Chess Game Application

Built and Designed a Chess Application using mainly Java and JavaFX framework, implements basic and advanced chess rules, with custom themes. Languages and technologies used:

Java Programming Language
Object Oriented Programming
JavaFX framework
Designing Interfaces (Landing Result page)
CSS (recommended)
Although it is not required, some knowledge of CSS attributes is recommended.
See the README file in Github for a more info.

Chess Application

ML model for the TSP Problem

Used Reinforcement Learning to create a Deep Leaning model solving the TSP problem. Technologies used:

Python Programming Language
Machine learning : Scikit-learn(train_test_split...)
Pandas and Numpy modules
Dataset Manipulation.
See the Github repository for more info.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio Website

The page you are surfing right now!
Programming languages and Technologies used:

Dislpaying Text
Styling the page (colors, spacing, menus)
A CSS framework with home-made colors and classes
See the Github repository for the source code.

Ecommerce Store

A responsive online grocery store with both front-end and back-end. We used:

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Text (HTML), responsive styling (CSS and Bootstrap) and user validation (JS)
Created the entire login/sign-up system
For databases. Well, I didn't contribute much here tbh...
Since this was my first full-stack project, we (yes we were a group) violated the DRY principle so the code is not what you would qualify as "good". See the Github repository for the source code.

Grocery Store